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Posted by Kaleb Wynne on

Salutations, Payabee visitors!

Due to customer interest/demand considerations, we have decided to focus our business efforts on the Home Goods niche predominantly. Therefore, we will be removing the clothing items from our catalog to make room for the new home decor and related items we have on the way!

This re-focus of our business is part of the "scaling and changing" we mentioned on our homepage, and the decision is mostly based on you-- the customer!

Please stay tuned over the coming weeks to see big changes on our site, which include the above-mentioned plans as well as some design tweaks of the website itself!

As always, stay positive, stay healthy, and stay happy!

Your friend,


PS- Don't forget to sign up for a free account with Payabee for some member-only benefits coming soon! Signing up for an account will not subscribe you to any mailing lists as long as the "sign up for our newsletter" box is unchecked during account registration, but feel free to leave the box checked or enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the page to receive updates from us on new products, discounts, and sales! We hate spam, so we will never spam you, nor will we sell your email address to any third party, and there will always be an "unsubscribe" button in every email we send!

PPS- Payabee's Premium Coffee line is here to stay for the foreseeable future! We have received wonderful feedback already on it, so as long as it continues to do well, we will be adding even more coffee varieties very soon!

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