Duplicate Products Issue Being Fixed (UPDATE 3: Issue is Fixed!)

Posted by Kaleb Wynne on

We are aware of an issue where several products are creating duplicates of themselves in our shop, and are currently fixing the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update you when the issue is fixed!

UPDATE: (8/31/2019 9:30 PM EDT) Product refresh is in progress. During this time you will see all products being removed incrementally, after which we will bulk upload all products without the duplicates. Please bear with us for a couple of hours while this operation is underway. We appreciate your patience!

UPDATE 2: (8/31/2019 10:20 PM EDT) All products were successfully deleted, and are currently being re-imported without the duplicates.

UPDATE 3 (8/31/2019 11:45 PM EDT) All products have finished being re-uploaded to the site! Thanks for your patience while we fixed this issue! Please let us know if you find any other duplicates or other errors on our site so we can address the issue promptly.

As always-- stay positive, stay healthy, and stay happy!

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