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We are excited to announce a new product line-- coffee! I happen to be a coffee fanatic, so it's only natural for me to start selling my own line! And of course, it ships from the USA!

For now, we offer our "original roast" K-Cups, as well as 3 different lines of bagged coffee: Colombian, Decaf, and Cold Brew. With the Colombian and Decaf options, you can choose light, medium, or dark roast, as well as whole bean or varying levels of ground coffee.


K-Cup Coffee Capsules

Our K-Cup coffee comes in 12-pack and 60-pack options. It is a premium blend single-serve coffee we call "Original Roast." This is our signature blend of premium gourmet coffee that makes a rich, delicious cup. Each coffee capsule is vacuum-sealed with no oxygen (no air) inside, so the coffee stays fresh. An improved filter design stops coffee from shooting right through the middle, absorbing more grounds for a lively cup, without slowing down the brew time.

Bagged Coffee Options


Our Colombian coffee features flavor of vanilla and chocolate together with a fruity taste and a sweet floral aroma. This 100% Arabica coffee has a citrus lemon acidity. Like many premium Colombian coffees, you will enjoy the sweet buttery aftertaste. This coffee retains its flavor very well as it cools.

Our decaffeinated coffee is a delicious blend of varying origins.

And our cold brew is a unique blend that makes the perfect, most satisfying cup. It is specifically blended for cold brew coffee. It contains no additives, and nothing artificial-- just 100% coffee. Cold brew coffee is a dark French roast and the grounds are very coarse.

Give it a try today! If it does well, we will add other lines of coffee in the near future!

As always-- stay positive, stay healthy, and stay happy!

Your friend,


(PS- All our coffee lines pair really well with Harry & David's Signature Chocolate Truffles. You can thank me later.)


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